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Blue Jays Fan Upset After Aaron Judge’s 61st HR Ball Hits Glove

Imagine—in front of millions of fans waiting to see Yankees slugger Aaron Judge achieve history—being the fan who got a glove on the ball that ties the American League single-season home run record. The glory, the joy, the story you’d tell over and over again to your grandchildren and random strangers at cookouts.

Unfortunately, no Blue Jays fan will have those life-long bragging rights, though one fan in particular was so painfully close.  

Judge tied Roger Maris’s franchise and AL feat after hitting his 61st homer on Wednesday. As he launched the ball deep into left field in the seventh inning, one Toronto fan can be seen nearly snagging the historic ball. However, the ball flew past the edge of his glove and fell into baseball oblivion. 

Cameras caught the fan’s reaction after his near encounter with history. Visibly upset as the ball danced into Toronto’s bullpen, he threw his glove into the stands and accidentally hit the man behind him. The video continues as the fan wallows and grapples with how close he truly was, at one point even throwing his hat in frustration. He is seen texting—probably sending furious messages to his buddies airing his grievances—then quietly contemplating. 

One truly can’t blame the fan for his despair, because his close encounter with Judge’s ball left him empty-handed in more ways than one. President and founder of SCP Auctions, David Kohler, estimated Judge’s 61st home run ball could have been worth $250,000 or more, via The New York Times

The legendary ball sat in the Blue Jays’ bullpen for a little while, in the hands of pitching coach Matt Buschmann, before Yankees reliever Zack Britton came and retrieved it, Toronto pitcher Jordan Romano said via The Canadian Press

Judge later said the ball was handled by New York’s equipment manager and is locked up for safekeeping.

As Judge continues his berth for a historic 62nd homer, hopefully another fan won’t have to bear the burden of being the fan who almost caught Judge’s ball. 

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