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Julius Randle Jokingly Challenges Reporter Ahead of Giants-Cowboys Game

Thanksgiving Day belongs to the NFL. That’s true for nearly every sports fan—even NBA players.

Speaking to the media Wednesday ahead of the big holiday, Knicks forward Julius Randle was asked about his favorite Thanksgiving foods, rattling off candied yams and mac and cheese as his go-to’s. Then, a reporter threw out a hypothetical score for tomorrow’s Cowboys-Giants game—”Giants, 27-17”—drawing a chuckle out of the former All-Star forward.

Then, Randle—a Dallas native—asked the reporter to put his money where his mouth was.

“You want to put some money on that?”

No word on whether or not Randle was serious with his offer, or if it was accepted. But Randle has good reason to be confident, as Dallas is a 10-point favorite heading into their annual home Thanksgiving showdown.

If the two opted to not put any money on the game, then maybe another, more creative arrangement could be made. Thanksgiving leftover bet? Wear the other team’s colors for a day? The possibilities are endless.

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