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Loyola Staffer’s Video Shows On-Court McDonald’s Delivery Likely a Prank

In what is likely the strangest scene this college basketball season, a DoorDash delivery person was seen on the court in the middle of a game between Loyola Chicago and Duquesne on Wednesday night. The delivery man looked confused as he walked around looking for someone to give the bag of McDonald’s, but a new video from a Loyola staffer shows that it was likely a prank. 

Austin Hansen, who works for the school’s athletics department, caught the man up close and personal repeatedly saying “DoorDash” before he was walked off the court by a referee in a video. The man can be seen wearing a microphone and a large number of students could be seen recording him with their phones, per Hansen. 

A mic is not typically provided to food delivery drivers and it’s a fair assumption that just as they are required to knock on your door before making a home delivery, they’d wait for a timeout before stepping foot on the hardwood. 

There was some confusion during the likely prank, and it was believed he was impersonating an Uber Eats deliveryman, which prompted the company’s Twitter account to capitalize on the moment, commenting “nothing but net.”

Despite the interruption, the game continued on and Duquesne won 72–58.