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Nationals First Baseman Made the Funniest Error of the Season, and MLB Fans Couldn’t Stop Laughing at It

The Washington Nationals-Seattle Mariners game on Monday night had an infuriating finish thanks to a horrible called third strike by an umpire who should be ashamed of himself. 

But earlier in the game there was a pretty funny moment that had everyone—except for probably Nationals fans—laughing out loud. 

In case you missed it, Nationals first baseman Dominic Smith had the most comical error of the Major League Baseball season when he fielded a ground ball in the bottom of the fifth inning and flipped the ball back to first base without looking.

The only problem? Nobody was covering the bag and the ball went soaring into foul territory.

Check this out: 

Even the announcers couldn’t stop from laughing. 

MLB fans loved it: