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Carey Price Fumbles Canadiens’ Draft Pick By Forgetting Player’s Name

Canadiens goaltender Carey Price took to the stage at the 2023 NHL draft in Nashville to announce the organization’s first-round selection, however, he hit a slight hiccup when it came down to reading the player’s name.

Montreal owned the No. 5 pick in the first round, and when Price, a former No. 5 pick himself, took the microphone to read out the name of the team’s selection, he hesitated after saying the player’s first name. 

Canadiens GM Kent Hughes stepped in after Price appeared to have lost the name from his memory, jokingly telling the crowd at Bridgestone Arena that the team “planned this” before announcing that Montreal had selected David Reinbacher with their first-round pick.

“Bonsoir, Les Canadiens de Montreal are proud to select, David...” said Price before trailing off and looking over his shoulder in a moment that seemed like it lasted an eternity. 

Regardless of the slight mishap during the announcement of the pick, Reinbacher will undoubtedly be delighted to head to an esteemed franchise such as the Habs. The organization certainly seemed excited after the pick announcement finally came through, having made the defenseman the highest-drafted Austrian player since 2003.