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Introducing King of Kards: Niche Creator Kyle Kravitz Partnering With Sports Illustrated for Exclusive Content

The creator has an extensive knowledge of the sports cards and memorabilia industry.

Pick a card, but not just any card! Influencer Kyle Kravitz (aka King of the Kards) has partnered with Sports Illustrated and The Arena Group's Creator Network to collaborate on exclusive content for the rest of 2023.

Hailing from Queens, NY, Kravitz says, “Sports were everything to me growing up, and collecting cards and memorabilia has been something that has helped bring me that much closer to my passion throughout my early life.”

Kravitz has now been able to go pro with his love for the intersection of sports and social media. His TikTok has over 1.1 million likes combined from his unique content, including one featuring a season pass from Ford’s Theater from the night Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

Kravitz will be creating content that will be seen across Sports Illustrated’s social accounts and that will feature unique insights on sports memorabilia, on-the-street style content from major conventions, and interviews from collectors and buyers on the business side of this unique industry.

“Finding a way to turn that passion into a profession is something I’m incredibly grateful for,” Kravitz said, “and content has become my pathway to sharing that love of the game with as many sports fans as possible.”

You can follow Kyle Kravitz on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube here. As well, make sure to follow Sports Illustrated on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube to be one of the first to see the exclusive content.