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‘What Do You Do for a Living?’ Creator Daniel Mac Partners With Sports Illustrated to Tell the Story Behind the Scenes

Daniel Mac rose to popularity on social media by approaching owners of luxury cars and celebrities to ask, “What do you do for a living?” on TiKTok.

‘What Do You Do for a Living?’ creator Daniel Mac

Mac’s videos have led to more than 20 million followers.

Mac’s videos, which have featured the likes of tycoon Barbara Corcoran, internet personality Khaby Lame and dozens of others, have led to more than 20 million followers across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

Mac’s entrepreneurial content and passion for sports, entertainment, finance and cars is what ignited the relationship. He launched the partnership with Sports Illustrated in July 2023 by going behind the scenes with Jake Paul during his cover shoot. Mac will continue to cover major features throughout the year, including capturing content in and around Formula One’s U.S. Grand Prix in Austin and soon Las Vegas.

“Partnering with Sports Illustrated has been an absolute blast,” Mac said. “[In] June we shot a Cribs-style mansion series with Jake Paul in Puerto Rico that racked up a combined 30 million views! This month I captured content at F1 Austin and the Sports Illustrated track views were unmatched. I even was able to ask the CEO what he does for a living. I am definitely looking forward to F1 Vegas in November and future collaborations with some of the world’s greatest athletes and influencers.”

Daniel Macdonald, known online as Daniel Mac, is originally from Tucson, where he started filming his short-form interviews. He now resides in Los Angeles.

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