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We've gotten all the projections from the experts, the articles, and the Q & A's out of the way. Now what? Well, now we put all of those dress rehearsals into place and draft a winning squad. Here is one man's mock draft, taking into account nine scoring categories: points, rebounds, assists, field goal percentage, free throw percentage, steals, blocks, and turnovers.

The draft will be 10 teams/10 rounds and follows the "snake" drafting order; meaning the 10th team picks first in the second round, and the first team picks last in the second round and first in the third round, and so on. Here now, is my mock draft, using the expertise and the data compiled from the great analysts on

Note: This draft was done with H2H format of scoring in mind -- where you only need to win the most categories each week against one single opponent.

Team 1 --LeBron James [SF]: LBJ is the premier player in the game. He'll play 82 games and give you 31/8/8, with two steals and a block. His free throw deficiencies can be made up elsewhere in the draft.

Team 2 --Chris Paul [PG]: Paul is in the conversation for the first pick. He really has no weakness in his game, but to me, LeBron has more value.

Team 3 --Kobe Bryant [SG]: Another player who will give you superior production. He's turnover prone, but then again, all of the top scorers in the league are.

Team 4 --Amare Stoudemire [C]: The best young big in the league, playing alongside the best playmaker in the league not named Chris Paul.

Team 5 --Shawn Marion [SF/PF]: This is a complete and total "head" pick and not a "heart" pick. I've never bought into Marion as a premier fantasy player, but the numbers do not lie.

Team 6 --Dirk Nowitzki [PF]: His deficiencies are on the defensive end of the ball. I'll have to make up for that later. Offensively, though, he is among the league's best players.

Team 7 --Kevin Garnett [SF/PF]: He is now a World Champion. Will this affect his play? How about the passion and drive that has made him so successful? No, it won't. He's an all around fantasy stud and will remain as one of the 10 best players in the game.

Team 8 --Dwight Howard [C]: There has been some internal struggle at RotoExperts about where Howard stands for fantasy drafts. Take the league's top shot blocker and rebounder, and worry about his free-throw shooting later down the line. He may be the new Shaq, but that's a good thing. I'll make up for his deficiencies later. In Head-to-Head, he will dominate in FG percentage, rebounding, and blocked shots, and you only need to win more than half the categories in that format anyway.

Team 9 --Elton Brand [PF/C]: Fantasy expert Jonathan Huang swears by his abilities, and so do I. I had a bit of a struggle taking him over Dwyane Wade, but Brand's consistency and center eligibility makes him the choice here.

Team 10 --Dwyane Wade [PG/SG]: If you've been watching the Olympics, you are not concerned by his most recent injury.

Team 10 --Josh Smith [SF/PF]: I love the fact that I can pair him up with a top-notch scorer like D-Wade. Perfect combination to start the draft.

Team 9 --Caron Butler [SF]: Caron Butler put up first round type of numbers last season. The only thing you don't like about him is the DNPs that he's put up over the last few seasons.

Team 8 --Allen Iverson [PG/SG]: Here is where it makes taking Dwight Howard in the first round that much easier. Between the two I have all of my categories fairly well balanced, as A.I. takes more attempts at the line than Howard and makes a ton of them. Though, I need to watch out for all of those turnovers.

Team 7 --Deron Williams [PG]: He's the second best point guard in the league in my book. Being able to pair him up with KG makes this team strong from the start. Now I need to focus on a pure scorer.

Team 6 --Marcus Camby [PF/C]: Defense wins championships, and, as we know, Dirk Nowitzki plays none! Here I have one of the league's top shot blockers and rebounders to pair with Dirk, whose excellent free throw shooting makes this pick easier as well.

Team 5 --Chris Bosh [PF/C]: A big time center to go along with all of the little things that Marion does. I like this combination and now need to focus on a point guard for this team.

Team 4 --Baron Davis [PG]: Davis is the best player on a relatively young Clippers team. PG eligible with a balanced scoring attack (threes, free throws, and assists). Happy to pair him up with a guy like Amare.

Team 3 -- Danny Granger [SG/SF]: I'm really high on this guy. He has the ability to be a stat sheet filler. He's also a low turnover guy, which bodes well for pairing him up with Kobe in TO leagues.

Team 2 -- Tim Duncan [PF/C]: I know, a lot of guys are projecting him out of the first two-to-three rounds, but he's going to shoot over 50.0 percent from the floor and get you two or more blocks per game. Those are great numbers to put up with Chris Paul's skill set.

Team 1 --Steve Nash [PG]: Here is where you start to cover LeBron's free throw deficiency -- one of the best free throw shooters in the NBA and a top-three point guard. It makes drafting LeBron first a bit easier on you.

Team 1 --Carlos Boozer [PF/C]: Rebounds, blocks, and shoots 55.0 percent from the floor.

Team 2 --Rashard Lewis [SF/PF]: He's a premiere three-point shooter and will shoot well over 80.0 percent from the free throw line. Paul, Duncan, Lewis...

Team 3 --Al Jefferson [PF/C]: I love this guy also. He'll shoot over 50 percent from the floor, but he needs to improve on his free throw shooting. Either way, this team needs a solid shooter from the floor and another rebounder, and Jefferson is that guy. Kobe, Granger, Jefferson -- nice trio here.

Team 4 --Rudy Gay [SG/SF]: This may be my favorite pick in the draft. He has an excellent skill set and could be the next young fantasy stud. Keep your eye on Gay.

Team 5 --Chauncey Billups [PG]: Mr. Consistency. He shoots near 90.0 percent from the free throw line and will give you close to two threes per game. He's the shooter and point guard this team was looking for.

Team 6 -- Jose Calderon [PG]: This Spaniard has raised himself to near-elite status in this league. His assist/turnover ratio is amazing. Put him next to a top scorer in Dirk and a top defender in Camby, and you are off to an excellent start.

Team 7 -- Kevin Martin [SG]: A very good free-throw shooter. Here again we help offset the Howard effect. He'll also score 24 points per game and does not turn the ball over much, which again helps out this squad. Added to Williams and Garnett, I'm happy to snag this trio.

Team 8 --Andre Iguodala [SG/SF]: I have my reservations about AI, because to me he reminds me a little of Kenyon Martin at his peak. Though, 20/5/5 with two steals per game are not bad numbers. This team needs to be wary of free throw shooting still.

Team 9 --Yao Ming [C]: The key to this pick is the injury risk. If he is healthy, you should have no problem contending for the title, especially after you grabbed him in the third round. The problem is that we have yet to see him fully healthy for a whole season.

Team 10 --Carmelo Anthony [SF]: Here's another turnover-prone player, and one who I may have to think twice about grabbing at this spot with Wade already on this team. However, his outside shooting and the fact that I already have Josh Smith to handle the load on the defensive end makes this team a hard one to compete against in most scoring categories.

Team 10 --Pau Gasol [PF/C]: Here we have a little help in the field goal percentage category for this team. Gasol should shoot around 55.0 percent from the floor.

Team 9 --Vince Carter [SG/SF]: Call me "crazy," but I also really like this pick. I can see VC putting up over 25 points per game. Tell me ... who else is going to score on the New Jersey Nets? Think about it. Then again, he'll probably take a few too many games off because he just doesn't feel like playing.

Team 8 --Kevin Durant [SG/SF]: A true scorer and pure shooter. He's a great combination with Iverson added to Dwight Howard and Andre Iguodala. But, other than points, free throw percentage, and threes, you won't get much more. Though, his ceiling on the offensive end of the ball is through the roof.

Team 7 --Ron Artest [SF]: Too early? A new home in Houston, and ... can you believe it ... he's the second Rocket off the board. We're about to see the resurgence of Artest as one of the three top defensive fantasy players. It's also possible that, sometime during the season, he may end up being the number one scorer on his team. Keep that in mind, especially with Artest being named a starter with Shane Battier out.

Team 6 --Jason Richardson [SG/SF]: Richardson had a monster second half last season. He's the lead scorer on this team and should put up near 24 ppg.

Team 5 --Paul Pierce [SG/SF]: The General. Pierce should not fall off much from last season. It seems like he is having the time of his life, so two threes and 20 ppg is a nice addition to this team, as it is in need of a true scorer.

Team 4 --Hedo Turkoglu [SG/SF]: The Most Improved Player in the league. Turkoglu is another guy who can score around 19 points per game and give you two threes, while shooting around 85.0 percent from the free throw line.

Team 3 --Chris Kaman [C]: He's a guy you either love or hate heading into this season, but if he can shoot over 50.0 percent from the floor and give you 17 points, 11 rebounds, and 2.5 blocks per game, he will be serve as a much needed addition to Kobe, Jefferson and Granger.

Team 2: -- Andrew Bynum [C]: Do not be afraid of the injury. Nor should you be afraid of any regression. This guy can shoot 60.0 percent from the floor, but he also has poor free throw shooting issues, and we have yet to see him play alongside Gasol.

Team 1 --Antawn Jamison [SF/PF]: The Rock. He is the one among the Big Three in Washington who is most likely to play at least 75 games this season. He also has the ability to knockdown threes, which is rare for a guy with PF eligibility.

Team 1 --Joe Johnson [PG/SG]: Somewhat of a one-trick pony -- he's a shooter, but at least he can hit treys.

Team 2: -- Michael Redd [SG/SF]: Certainly a one-trick pony. Threes and points scored. Not even a great free throw shooter.

Team 3 --David West [PF]: I'm a fan of his free throw shooting for a big man -- should be around 83.0-85.0 percent.

Team 4 --Rasheed Wallace [PF/C]: I love the center eligibility. He will have a poor shooting percentage, but his low turnovers and three point ability makes this a good pick, especially for a big man.

Team 5 --Mo Williams [PG]: This pick looks a lot better now that he is playing alongside LeBron. Too many DNPs, but his value as a play-maker at the point now goes up. Great upside here.

Team 6 --Brandon Roy [PG/SG]: Great ball control. He's a do-it-all kind of guy, except he doesn't do any of it well enough to crack the top-four rounds.

Team 7:Lamar Odom [SF/PF]: He probably would go earlier since he is a bigger version of Brandon Roy, but it's a little interesting to see the "mind games" that coach Phil Jackson is playing with Odom. Odom shoots the ball better and rebounds better than Roy, but his freethrow shooting is poor, and with Bynum and Gasol standing beside him, you might see a dip in his rebounding totals.

Team 8 --Jason Kidd [PG]: I'm sure to catch some slack for dropping Kidd to the end of the fifth round, but he is a very, very poor shooter, and he's also coming to the end of the road. His ceiling is about 10 assists, so you'll have that going for you -- On this team as of the fifth round, I'd be in dire need of assists. On the other hand, I have a center (Howard) who can offset the lack of scoring and rebounding, plus natural scorers in Kevin Durant and Allen Iverson, both of whom can pick up Kidd's lack of contribution in the points category.

Team 9 -- Michael Beasley [SF/PF]: A lot of what we can do for this pick is speculate, but 15/10/4 might be good enough to make him fantasy worthy. He's also on the perfect team for his skill set.

Team 10 --Mike Dunleavy [SG/SF]: All-around talent who can help you in most categories, specifically threes. Needs to shoot better from the line, though.

Team 10 --Devin Harris [PG]: A great point guard value pick. I love his upside this season, and we could be talking about him in the 8-9 assists area with 1.6 steals per game. Really good projections for the sixth round.

Team 9 -- Josh Howard [SG/SF]: There's been lot of talk about his worth. I think he does a lot of things really well, and it helps that he's not really turnover prone.

Team 8 --Peja Stojakovic [SG/SF]: Pure shooter. He's a stellar spot shooter outside of the arch and will shoot over 90.0 percent from the line. Another boost to help offset Howard's free throw woes.

Team 7 --Gerald Wallace [SF/PF]: He's a defensive specialist who we all hope and pray can stay healthy. Long gone are the days when we talked about Wallace in the first three rounds. He's not a very good shooter, so his upside is on the defensive end.

Team 6 --Mehmet Okur [PF/C]: A center who can really, really shoot, though he loses value since he is not a rebounding or defensive big man by any means.

Team 5 --Tyson Chandler [C]: A 60.0 percent shooter from the field, who will block over 1.5 shots and give you a double-double on a nightly basis. Horrible free throw shooter, though, but with Billups, Pierce, and Arenas already rostered, we can live with it.

Team 4 -- Greg Oden [C]: Another projection pick. His upside is probably around Tyson Chandler territory this year, which you can live with when he's off the board one pick prior.

Team 3 -- Andre Miller [PG]: One of my favorite PGs in the game. He's not a very good shooter, but would anyone else be surprise if he were to average 9-plus assists per game? A great pick for this team.

Team 2 -- Stephen Jackson [SG/SF]: Some of our experts are higher on Jackson, but he's a terrible field goal shooter, yet he'll give you nearly three 3's per game. I think this season he may not be as excited to play with his good friend Baron gone. Call me crazy, but that concerns me a little when you're talking about a loose canon like Jackson.

Team 1 -- Emeka Okafor [PF/C]: His value is in his defense and rebounding. Another terrible free throw shooting big man. But this team needs a shot blocker, and he can surely do that.

Team 1 -- Luol Deng [SG/SF]: I may be the lone non-Bulls fan on this, but I think Deng is in for a huge season. He has his new contract, and I think that he will show that he is well worth it. I like this as a value pick.

Team 2 -- Jamal Crawford [SG]: The first Knick off the board. It will be interesting to see how he fits into Mike D'Antoni's system. He's got a 25 ppg scoring ability -- we've seen it -- and I can see him excelling in the system this year. He's also now playing off the ball, which should help open up jumpshots for Crawford, and that is also a plus.

Team 3 -- Andrei Kirilenko [SF/PF]: If healthy, here's another great value pick. Two blocks and two steals per game would be boons here.

Team 4 -- Monta Ellis [PG/SG]: As for the "big three" offseason injury guys are concerned (Arenas, Ginobili, and Ellis), Monta probably has the best chance to return to form sooner, than later. As we've seen in the past, younger guys are more prone to come off of injuries and come back playing at a competitive level. The injury does hurt, though, as he's a drive to the basket scorer. If he comes back before the end of the calendar year with his quick-step intact, then you'll get a nice mid-season bump. I have confidence in a quick return from Ellis. He'll put up an excellent shooting percentage from the floor, but his free throw shooting could use some improvement.

Team 5 -- Mike Miller [SG/SF]: A pick which may or may not be too late in the draft. He's a three point specialist who will be one of the main scoring options now in Minnesota. Miller could improve on his free throw percentage to make this a better pick, and you can't expect much of anything from him on the defensive end.

Team 6 -- Tracy McGrady [SG/SF]: How the mighty have fallen. Even if he plays 60 games this season, he will screw up your percentages, turn the ball over, and do nothing but give you points, which is exactly what this team can live with.

Team 7 -- Corey Maggette [SG/SF]: I'm not a big Maggette fan, but that's not why I dropped him this far. He too is nothing more than a scorer. Corey will shoot around 45.0 percent from the floor and turn the ball over three times per contest, all while giving you nothing on defense. Again, he's a scorer who can give you two threes and 20 points per game, which is exactly what this team needs to offset the Gerald Wallace pick.

Team 8 -- LaMarcus Aldridge [PF/C]: His value drops a little bit now that he is playing alongside Oden, but I'll admit that I might regret picking Oden before him. Though I do think that Aldridge's value is not going to be as high as it was last year.

Team 9 -- Randy Foye [PG/SG]: I like this pick a lot, also. He is primed for a really nice year. Foye needs to shoot better from the floor, but his free throw shooting looks really nice.

Team 10 -- Brad Miller [C]: This team needs a double-double center. Close enough.

Team 10 -- Al Harrington [PF/C]: Center eligible outside shooter. Not really turnover prone.

Team 9 -- Samuel Dalembert [C]: He's good for 55.0 percent from the floor, a double-double and 2.5 blocks per game. A need pick to hedge for a possible Yao breakdown.

Team 8 -- Richard Jefferson [SF]: Scoring goes down a little now that he is on a team which has quite a few scorers. This leaves little value for RJ.

Team 7 -- Ray Allen [SG]: He's the third scoring option on his team, but his three pointers and free throw shooting makes him well worth it. Offsets the poor shooting on Team Seven.

Team 6 -- Al Horford [PF/C]: Double-double guarantee, with 52.0 percent shooting from the floor. Another need pick to offset the McGrady pick.

Team 5 --Raymond Felton [PG/SG]: I like Felton, though I think it's a make-or-break season for him with D.J. Augustin (PG, CHA) on board. He has value in assists, which Team Six will benefit from.

Team 4 -- T.J. Ford [PG]: Is he fully healthy? I actually liked this trade for the Pacers, because Jermaine O'Neal is another walking DNP. Value in free throws, assists, and steals.

Team 3 -- Andris Biedrins [C]: Big time upside in field goal percentage and rebounding, which looks good on any team with Kobe on it.

Team 2 -- Richard Hamilton [SG/SF]: Looking for value in this round. He doesn't do much except for scores and shoots well from the line.

Team 1 -- Jason Terry [PG/SG]: Three-point shooter and very good free throw shooter.

Team 1 -- Manu Ginobili [SG]: He's a "do everything" kind of guy. Love his all-around ability and his 85.0 percent free throw shooting. He's going to miss nearly two months of the season, which is why he's dropped to the ninth round, but his skill set is too good to pass up.

Team 2 -- Gilbert Arenas [PG]: It's like when someone drafts a tight end in fantasy football drafts -- the injured player run has come to your NBA draft! All this guy does is score -- and injure himself. He'll give you the points and the three pointers for sure, once he gets back. His field goal shooting and turnovers are going to hurt you, though. I think the ninth-round is about time to start taking shots. If he misses two months, you can live with that since you are getting second to third round talent here.

Team 3 -- Tony Parker [PG]: This team needs more assists. Parker could average seven or more per game.

Team 4 -- David Lee [PF/C]: A double-double and 60.0 percent shooting from the floor. Big needs for Team Four.

Team 5 -- John Salmons [SG/SF]: A sexy pick this year. He'll help in scoring and steals, along with a very solid free throw percentage.

Team 6 -- Jameer Nelson [PG]: This team needs another PG and playmaker. Assists are the key at this pick.

Team 7 -- Chris Quinn [PG]: Another team in need of a PG and assists. Fantasy guru Tommy Landry will tell you he has sixth-round talent, so I'm happy to have him in the ninth.

Team 8 -- Troy Murphy [PF/C]: A sweet shooting big man. With Jermaine O'Neal gone, Murphy should have more scoring opportunities and more chances to boost Team Eight's three-point numbers.

Team 9 -- Leandro Barbosa [PG]: He's a three point shooting PG who doesn't give you much in assists, but his scoring is a big boost for this team. His stock has dropped this far due to his deficiencies as a true point.

Team 10 -- Andrew Bogut [C]: A team in need of a double-double center who can block shots just found one.

Team 10 -- Rajon Rondo [PG/SG]: This team needs steals and assists -- got it.

Team 9 -- Ben Gordon [SG]: This far down? Yeah. With Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich, Thabo Shefalosa and Larry Hughes primed to chew up minutes, Gordon's value is down this year. But, his scoring abilities make it worth a pick in the tenth round, particularly for a team in need of another scorer.

Team 8 -- Rafer Alston [PG]: Steals, assists, and three point shooting. Great value for this team.

Team 7 -- Zydrunas Ilgauskus [C]: Team's second center with double-double abilities.

Team 6 -- Luis Scola [PF/C]: 14/8/2 with 52.0 percent from the floor. A nice pick to go along with Horford to do the little things that Okur won't do.

Team 5 -- Shane Battier [SF]: Two three-pointers, one steal, one block, and he only turns the ball over around one time per game. Those are the reasons why you draft him.

Team 4 -- Mike Bibby [PG]: This team needs another PG who can distribute the ball. Not that it is Bibby's strong suit, but at 5-6 per game, you can see the value this deep into the draft.

Team 3 -- Ronnie Brewer [SG/SF]: He shoots really well from the floor and will average close to two steals per game.

Team 2 -- Joakim Noah [PF/C]: Center eligible. Over one steal and one block per game, with high shooting percentage. Might even come close to a double-double.

Team 1 -- Jermaine O'Neal [C]: You can live with him here in the draft -- if he keeps the DNPs down, you'll enjoy the two blocks and nine rebounds, but you'll certainly also hate his percentages.

Of course, this only covers the first 10 rounds of the draft. There are several quality players who were left off this draft that can help any of these squads. What I tried to do here was build 10 teams that can compete for a championship. Some of these teams need a little more help, but that's where working the waiver wires and doing your research comes in. And if you don't feel like doing the research, don't worry, RotoExperts is here to do it and translate it for you.