Fantasy football five-minute guide: Lost in fantasy land? Let SI's expert Michael Beller lead the way as draft day nears.

By Michael Beller
August 13, 2015

This story originally ran in the Aug. 17, 2015 issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. Click here to subscribe.

O, Brother

You can judge most offensive players by the quality of the offense they’re in. Invest heavily in these four teams.


Revival of the fittest

Four down-year players who will return to previous glories.

Catching hell

Fact: Not all RB1s are the same. Before nabbing any of these rushing studs, consider their PPR potential.

Oldies? Yes. Goodies? Hmm...

SI plays buy/sell with eight fading fantasy stars


Andre Johnson, WR, Colts—Johnson, 34, has never played with a QB whose skill set remotely approaches Andrew Luck’s.

Frank Gore, RB, Colts—The 32-year-old could roll out of bed and rush for 1,100 yards. Indy’s offense extends his life.

Peyton Manning, QB, Broncos—The price may be high for a 39-year-old, but Peyton has another huge season ahead.

Jason Witten, TE, Cowboys—Even at 33 he’ll play a larger role now that DeMarco Murray is gone. His low price is enticing.


Drew Brees, QB, Saints—Opportunity cost rules in fantasy, and you’re going to have to pay up for Brees, even at 36.

Carson Palmer, QB, Cardinals—Come Week 1, he’ll be 10 months removed from his second ACL surgery. Time to move on from the 35-year-old.

Brandon Marshall, WR, Jets—At 31, he’s now on his fourth team despite supreme talent. And with Geno Smith out six-10 weeks, his stock plummets.

Reggie Bush, RB, 49ers—He could form a dynamic backfield with Carlos Hyde, but at age 30, Bush won’t get the bulk of those touches.

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The Justin Case

Solving the mystery: Who’ll be this season’s Justin Forsett, the running back who comes out of nowhere to rush for 1,200 yards?

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