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By Michael Beller & Pat Fitzmaurice
January 04, 2017

The end of the NFL regular season brings the end of the traditional fantasy season, but the NFL playoffs give us another chance to play fantasy before the eight-month off-season. Below, SI.com fantasy experts Michael Beller and Pat Fitzmaurice present their 2017 fantasy playoff rankings.

These rankings assume standard scoring (25 passing yards for a point 10 rushing/receiving yards for a point, four-point passing touchdowns, no PPR) and that teams are locked after a one-time draft, placing a premium on players from teams that are expected to go deep into the playoffs. A player’s skill level of course matters, but the number of games his team plays might be more important.

Here’s a theoretical scenario that illustrates how a playoff fantasy owner needs to think to win. If you expect the Patriots to go to the Super Bowl and the Dolphins to lose in the wild card round, would you rather have three games of James White or one game of Jay Ajayi?

Way-too-early 2017 fantasy football rankings

Michael Beller


Pat Fitzmaurice

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