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2020 QB Scoring Targets for Fantasy Football World Championship

SI Fantasy insider Shawn Childs provides a QB breakdown and projects what you'll need to score in the FFWC (Fantasy Football World Championships) to gain your edge.

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Before I start drafting each fantasy football season, I need to understand the player pool. I then need to understand the drop-downs at each position.

There are all different kinds of fantasy football leagues across the country. For the casual player, most leagues are trading with a playoff system at the end of the year. In most cases, the best team doesn’t necessarily win each season. The goal is to draft a team with enough depth and upside to compete for the league title. 

Each owner will be dealt a different hand as they will pick from different slots in the draft. Without a top draft selection, most fantasy owners will have to be creative in gaining edges at different positions to compete for a league or an overall title.

One of the first steps, before you sit at the draft table, is developing an understanding of what you need from every position to be a contender. I’m going to go through every position on a fantasy roster and give you the average player stats to help you understand what it takes to have an edge at a position. Each player’s fantasy points are based on the Fantasy Football World Championship Scoring.

The Fantasy Football World Championship is a 12-team format with the overall winner in the main event taking home $150,000. My goal as a fantasy owner is to draft the perfect team that allows me to compete for an overall championship.

  • This scoring system awards four points for QB passing TDs with 0.05 points for each passing yards.
  • Each rushing and receiving yard is worth 0.10 points.
  • Each reception is worth one point. Each rushing or receiving TD is worth six points.

If a fantasy owner decides to select a quarterback early, he is looking for an edge at the position and wants to eliminate the decision-making process each week.

A player that waits for a midrange quarterback is looking to gain an edge at RB or WR. For a fantasy owner who wants to wait on a quarterback, he is hoping to gather enough depth at other positions to have an advantage when replacing injured players or even covering his best players when they are on bye weeks.

The wait strategy works best when there isn’t a wide gap in scoring at the quarterback position.

This year the quarterback position has some upfront talent with enough firepower to gain an edge. Still, the backend of depth looks extremely deep with some underlying upside.

Based on our early rankings & projections, here are the expected gains or losses for the top QB in 2020:

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 4.49.57 PM

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