Mike Evans Week 1 Injury: What to do in Fantasy Football

The Buccaneers receiver is battling a hamstring injury but is expected to play on a limited basis vs. the Saints.
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Mike Evans on Pitch Count for Week 1

It's been a crazy 48 hours for anyone with Mike Evans on their fantasy football teams. On Friday the team reported their super-star wide receiver was Doubtful for the team's match-up against the Saints. On Saturday he was upgraded to Questionable...The upgrade from Doubtful to Questionable is very rare as far as NFL injury reports go. 

Now it is being reported Evans will attempt to play vs. the Saints but the team plans on keeping him on a pitch count.

Evans Injury on Fantasy Football Lineups

Even though Evans and Tampa Bay are expected to be in a high scoring affair according to DraftKings Sportsbook (Over/Under 49)  Evans is playing at less than 100% and will only see a limited amount of snaps. That's why we have him ranked as our 74th receiver on our Week 1 projections, instead of his usual spot in the Top 12. 

Unfortunately, we can't recommend using Evans in Week 1 lineups.

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For more on the NFL's Week 1 injury report and the impact on fantasy football, click here. 

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