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NFL Superstars Discuss Their Relationships With Fantasy Football At Super Bowl LIV

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In the first few decades of the NFL, fans followed their favorite team and rooted for the players on their favorite team's roster. That all changed with the birth of fantasy football, which often pushes hometown favoritism to the side as fans now cheer for the players on their fantasy roster.

In 2018, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes had one of the greatest fantasy seasons of all time while throwing 50 touchdown passes and over 5,000 yards. His 2019 campaign started strong, fizzled in the middle of the year due to injury, but he surged back during the fantasy playoffs to help millions of fantasy players win their league championship.

During our interview, the 2018 MVP acknowledged his mid-season injury hurt a lot of fantasy teams but said he tried to do better during "playoff time."

49ers superstar tight end George Kittle admitted he plays fantasy football and often "yells" at the wide receivers on his team for not getting a lot of points. But when Kittle didn't put up the type of elite TE1 stats fantasy players were accustomed to getting, Kittle said to blame head coach Kyle Shanahan or quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo for not throwing him the ball. 

Ravens running back Mark Ingram isn't playing in Super Bowl 54 but he dropped by our set at Radio Row and said fantasy football is great because it generates more fans of the NFL. 

Public Service Announcement: If you do play fantasy, don't harass the players on your team when they have a poor outing because as Ingram told us "fantasy is fantasy."

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