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Taking a Look at Players Whose Stock Has Risen or Fell in the AFC West

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Kaitlin O'Toole: Sports Illustrated is taking a look at the stock for fantasy players. Joining me now to discuss this is SI's fantasy and gambling analysts, Dr. Roto and Corey Parson. Doc, let's talk about the AFC West. Which players have you seen their stock go up? Which ones have gone down?

Dr. Roto; Great question, Kaitlin, let me give you a stock up: Hunter Henry for the Los Angeles Chargers. Now, they sign him to the franchise tag. You know they're going to work on a long term deal, but here's what we know: a tight end is a rookie quarterback's best friend. Now, I know Tyrod Taylor starting the season with them, but Justin Herbert, he's the guy that's eventually going to be running this team and he's going to be looking to Hunter Henry early and often. So he's definitely a stock up for me.

Stock down? Tyrell Williams of the Las Vegas Raiders.

They brought him in last year to be their guy, but right now they've got Henry Ruggs III who's their new guy? They've got Hunter Renfrow, they've got Bryan Edwards, and they’ve got Darren Waller.

Where does Tyrell Williams fit into this? I don't think he fits into more than maybe two or three targets a game which is best ball guy at best, so stock down for him.

Kaitlin O'Toole: Corey, which AFC West players have caught your eye?

Corey Parson: When Dr. Roto brings up some very good points on the two gentlemen that he just spoke about, but I want to take it to the quarterback position and talk about Drew Lock. Yes, that is correct. The Denver Broncos, after all these years, may finally have a quarterback. So it looks like at the end of last season, Lock started to get his footing under him. He showed some flashes and I really have some weapons around him. Courtland Sutton, they go out and get Jerry Jeudy in the draft. Not to mention Melvin Gordon. So, a lot of critical pieces around Drew Lock. I think he has a chance to succeed this year. I think you can be a fantasy QB 2.

Kaitlin O'Toole: Guys, great insight for the AFC West. I appreciate the time. For all the latest fantasy and gambling analysis. Stay with us,