Fantasy Football IDP Studs: Derwin James, Jamal Adams, Landon Collins

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Fantasy Football players that play in IDP leagues know the importance of drafting quality defensive backs. Sports Illustrated’s IDP analyst Matt DeLima says three pass defenders stand out above the rest. Chargers Derwin James, Redskins Landon Collins, and Jets Jamal Adams.

But where should they get drafted in IDP leagues? SI fantasy football analysts Jaime Eisner and Shawn Childs joined Corey Parson to discuss the defensive backs’ value in fantasy leagues.

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Corey Parson: Hey what's up, it's Corey Parson, fantasy executive here at If your IDP leaguer, we got some good information for you coming up right now. We're going to talk about the secondary defensive backs. Joining me to do that is SI fantasy and gambling analyst Jaime Eisner and Shawn Childs. Shawn, I'll start with you, give me a defensive back you like in IDP leagues this year?

Shawn Childs: Jamal Adams is a very attractive player. 


He's probably the best player on the Jets. Two years ago, he had 115 tackles. Last year, it slid to 75. He played really well last year. He actually ran a couple plays back for touchdowns. He's very good against the run. He'll pick up some defended passes and he will get interceptions. So, he's like a guy that will make plays in all areas. I expect him to be very good this year, especially if the Jets can improve all-around on defense.

Corey Parson: Yeah, Jamal Adams, a player I like a lot. What do you got for us, Jaime?

Jaime Eisner: Well, the No.1 player on Matt De Lima's List is dynamic Chargers safety Derwin James.

Derwin James

 He dealt with injuries last year but had 105 tackles in 3.5 sacks as a rookie. He has a career sixteen game pace of 109 tackles. So he's going to rack up those numbers for you. The No. 3 player on the list, Landon Collins, a guy who that has 120 tackles per 16 game pace in his career. The only concern with him is he has no interceptions over the last two seasons. So you're relying a lot on those tackle numbers for him or for him to emerge like he was with the Giants as a big-play machine in the secondary.

Corey Parson [00:01:29] All right. Thanks a lot, Jaime and Shawn. For all the latest from the NFL, make sure you keep it locked right here at