D.J. Moore Primed for Another Great Fantasy Football Season in 2020

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After a breakout campaign in his second year in the NFL, Panthers wide receiver D.J. Moore has his eyes set on another productive season in 2020. Thanks to a new offense installed by head coach Matt Rhule and offensive coordinator Joe Brady and new quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, Moore should have even better stats than a year ago.

AllPanthers reporter Schuyler Callihan and Sports Illustrated’s fantasy analyst Frank Taddeo joined Bill Enright to discuss if Moore is worth being drafted as the number 14 wide receiver in fantasy football leagues. The Carolina third year wide out currently has an Average Draft Position of 36th overall. Will he live up to his draft price?

Read the transcript from their conversation below:

Bill Enright: Panthers wide receiver D.J. Moore had a breakout season in his second year in the NFL, catching 87 passes for about 1,100 yards, and 4 touchdowns. Yet, what is he going to do in 2020, and should fantasy football managers draft him this year? Let's bring on Schuyler Callihan from AllPanthers and Frank Taddeo, our fantasy and gambling analyst here at Sports Illustrated. Schuyler, I'll start with you. Let's talk about the new offense and how D.J. Moore fits into Matt Rhule's new scheme.

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Schuyler Callihan: Bill, I think he fits in really perfectly with this offense. Joe Brady likes to take shots down the field. We saw that back in his days with LSU and when he was involved with the New Orleans Saints. The thing is about this offense, they like to spread the ball around, spread out the well. So I don't know if his numbers are going to be similar to what they were a year ago, especially with the addition of Robby Anderson. But he's definitely going to flourish in this system for sure.

Bill Enright: All right, Frank, I'll go over to you. We're playing draft-or-pass when it comes to D.J. Moore. He's currently the 14th wide receiver coming off the board at about the 36th overall pick. Are you drafting or are you passing?

Frank Taddeo: Oh, he's a definite draft for me. I actually believe that this is one of the true sleepers in fantasy football in 2020. We're looking at a guy that was actually able to go over 1,000 yards receiving and that was really without having any semblance of a real quarterback on the center last year. Now, with Teddy Bridgewater there, I know Robby Anderson's added to the fold, but I actually think that he'll be more of a deep threat. That will open up things more for D.J. Moore to really jump off the page and really perform. He's definitely a player that I think all fantasy football players and owners should actually be targeting in 2020. I love D.J. Moore this season.

Bill Enright: All right, we got plenty more fantasy football analysis from Sports Illustrated. You could find it by going to SI.com/fantasy. Frankie, Schuyler, thanks for joining us.