White Sox Fantasy Baseball Preview: Luis Robert, Dylan Cease, Yoan Moncada

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Sports Illustrated’s fantasy baseball analysts are running through all 30 MLB teams and identifying a sleeper, breakout, and value player. When it comes to the White Sox SI’s analysts are labeling outfielder Luis Robert as a breakout, pitcher Dylan Cease a sleeper, and Yoan Moncada as a value selection.

Is Moncada considered a value pick? Fantasy baseball analyst Shawn Childs had this to say about the third baseman: Moncada has an ADP of 62 as the 8th third baseman off the board in 2020. His intrigue comes from his ability to add steals from the third base positions. A rising player with a chance to add value in four-categories.

Childs joined South Side Hit Pen’s Brett Ballantini to breakdown the White Sox’s roster.

 Read the full transcript from their interview below:

Corey Parson: Major League Baseball could be on the way back soon. Joining me to talk, some Chicago White Sox are SI gambling analyst Shawn Childs and Sox insider Brett Ballantini. Brett, let me start with you. When you look at this White Sox roster, do you see a potential breakout player? [00:00:17][15.6]

Brett Ballantini: While the White Sox sure do, they signed Luis Robert to a very long contract, keeping him in Chicago till age 30 before he played a single major league game. He's a guy who's gonna be in this whenever the opening day is. He's going to be the starting center fielder for the White Sox. He found his power stroke last year. He managed to not you eluded the health issues he's had. He's missed a lot of games early in his professional career. Imagine playing a full season and he just killed it at every level. 

Corey Parson: Shawn for our Fantasy baseball players out there, do we have any sleepers or value picks on this White Sox roster?

Shawn Childs: Yeah, a young goddess of value for me. You know, a trick on fantasy baseball is you're always trying to control batting average. And Moncada came into last year, struck out about 33 percent of the time. So everybody thought maybe he's going to hit under 250. But somehow his strikeout rate slid to the twenty-seven percent, but he hit well over three hundred hit 314, I believe. And it helped because when he put the ball play at 454 us, that's a pretty impressive number. And that kind of offsets is downside and strike, especially if you can lower that number going forward. So the trick with Moncada is if he can get these minor league stolen bases to be part of his major league equation, he is gonna be a top first or second-round player going forward. He'll take more walks. He does a lot of stuff. He's kind of value in the draft and I'm really attracted to him this year. As far as a sleeper Delancy sees, a guy throws really hard for the White Sox struggle that triple play in the majors last year. But he got some seasoning. He walks a few too many guys is a changeup. And his curveball a pretty good ninety six mile an hour plus fastball. He just needs a little more seasoning. And in reality the key for him is just throwing more strikes in. They'll be should be a competitive back end option for the starting rotation. Probably gonna hurt you a little bit and whip out of the gate. But I think he will be helpful as he gets more experience.

Corey Parson: All right, Brett, Shawn, thank you very much for that valuable insight. For the latest from Major League and Fantasy Baseball. Stay tuned right here at si.com