NBA Playoffs Futures Bets: Go Clippers Over Lakers to Win the West

A battle between the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers is expected in the Western Conference Finals. SI’s Corey Parson believes that even with higher odds, the Clippers are the team to beat.
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As 22 teams prepare to head to Orlando, Florida to finish the NBA season in the bubble, sportsbooks around the country are starting to see action on NBA Futures bets.

The potential playoff series everyone wants to see will not happen in the NBA Finals. Instead, it will take place in the Western Conference Finals should the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers advance.

Clippers Insider Farbod Ensaashari of AllClippers reminds us the advantage the Lakers currently hold over their in-city rival:

"The Lakers have a very firm grasp on the first seed. They are 5.5 games ahead of the Clippers. With only 8 games left in the season, the Clippers still have a slight chance at getting the first seed".

Seeding will be important in this tournament but not because of home-court advantage.

Each team will get challenged along the way but experts agree it will come down to the Lakers and the Clippers in the West.

So who should you bet on?

The Clippers are very good defensively, and Doc Rivers will have them well prepared for the challenge of playing a full series against LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Currently, the Lakers are a +160 favorite to win the west, with the Clippers second at +190.

While the series can go either way, the Clippers is the bet I would make, The perimeter defense of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George along with the coaching of Doc Rivers should tip the scales in beating the top-seeded Lakers in a seven-game series.

Either way, it goes: The Clippers at +190 is a worthwhile futures bet.