Gambling 101: What Is "Juice"?

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If you've bet on sports, you may have heard it be called several different things: juice, vig, cut, the list goes on. Whenever you see -110 next to a game you're betting on, that's the juice. Kaitlin O'Toole goes into detail on what the juice is, and why it exists in sports betting. 

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Kaitlin O'Toole: This is Sports Illustrated's Gambling 101. We're breaking down all the terms you need to know to help you be a better bettor. Juice, also known as vigorish, is set by bookmakers and attached to spread and total betting options. If you have two teams, let's say Minnesota and Green Bay, one is +3.5 and the other is -3.5. Both sides have -110 odds, meaning if gamblers want to win $100, they have to risk $110. This is the sweet spot for bookmakers as they earn a $10 vig, no matter what. The sportsbooks want the juice and a refill. Good luck out there, gamblers. When you need help, don't forget to bookmark Sports Illustrated's glossary of terms. We'll see you next time for another gambling 101 here at 

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