Tiger Woods and Jimmy Fallon Shared a Laugh Over Tiger Tree Memes

Tiger explained why he shook a tree's hand.

Tiger Woods is making the rounds promoting his new clothing line this week. On Tuesday he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. After explaining why his clothing line is called Sun Day Red (He wears red on Sunday. Get it?), Woods and Fallon looked at some tree memes.

Tiger was back on NBC on Wednesday morning for an interview with Carson Daly on TODAY. It turns out that Woods and Daly are old golf buddies. If you didn't know that then Daly leading off the interview saying "we have so much history together," must have been surprising to hear.

Woods also explained the meaning of his new logo, saying that the tiger, which he describes as "nice and clean," has 15 stripes to represent each of the major championships he has won. He also said that his goal is to ruin the logo by winning another.

It sounds like he'll take his next shot at making his logo irrelevant later this month at the PGA Championship. Woods didn't specifically commit to any events, but Daly asked if he was still planning to play a tournament a month this year Tiger said, "I have basically the next three months. So I have three majors and hopefully, you know, that all kind of works out."

If he doesn't capture his first win since the 2019 Masters, he should at least try to create another memeable moment so he has something fresh to talk about the next time he has to promote his clothing line.

Stephen Douglas


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