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Phil Mickelson delivers major drama as only he can

Hosts Alex Lauzon and Michael Russell break down the PGA Championship, then are joined by Eliezer Paul-Gindiri, who has risen into golf stardom for his unique 1-handed swing on TikTok

> Hosts Alex Lauzon and Michael Russell break down Phil Mickelson's historic PGA Championship victory at Kiawah Island's Ocean Course, plus other compelling storylines from the season's second major championship.

> The Let Them Play Classic gave women's college golf the tournament it deserved, as Barstool Sports put on an amazing event after the NCAA women's regional in Baton Rouge, La., was canceled.

> The LPGA, meanwhile, had a new winner in Wei-Ling Hsu at the Pure Silk Championship.

> The PGA Tour is back at it with the Charles Schwab Challenge. Expect some local picks from Lauzon and Russell at Colonial.


> In "Tuned in," Lauzon and Russell discuss the music, with new tunes from Bleachers and an actually good music awards show.

> This week's guest has catapulted into golf stardom for his unique one-handed swing on TikTok. Lauzon chats with aspiring soccer player Eliezer Paul-Gindiri, aka "Snappy," on his soccer skills and new golf fame.

> Lauzon and Russell discuss the pitching successes in the MLB, and the NBA Playoffs, which gave us a LeBron James vs. Steph Curry matchup.

> As the show #AlwaysEndsWithFood, the hosts talk about a disgusting new ice cream flavor, French's Mustard. But don't worry, the new "Always End With Food" podcast debuts on May 28 — and probably won't include that.

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