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Gear Ideal for Golfers’ Return to Travel

From travel bags that streamline airport navigation to rain gear that can preserve the enjoyment of a round played in less-than-ideal conditions, the following gear falls into the category of must-have for those avid traveling golfers.

As the world continues to open back up and people’s lifestyles recalibrate, travel has become a top-of-mind interest for most Americans. According to a U.S. Travel Association report published in late May, almost 90 percent of American travelers intend to satiate their wanderlust in the next six months. That mark represents a new high for travel plans (or travel confidence) during the pandemic.

You can bet that plenty of those travelers hopping on a plane this summer will have their golf clubs in tow. As they ready themselves for rounds played in far-flung destinations or — for the fortunate crowd — at bucket-list courses and resorts, those golf travelers would be wise to invest in the following gear. These items may not directly improve their scores — and they can’t guarantee straighter drives or more accurate approach shots — but they will assure those golf travelers that their long-overdue jaunts and golf-focused vacations are as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Kube Cobalt-Navy