What is the Official Drink of the Belmont Stakes?

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The other two legs of the Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes have their official drinks: The Mint Julep and Black Eyed Susan. So, naturally, the Belmont Stakes has a drink of its own: The Belmont Jewel. 

The Belmont Breeze used to be the event's official drink, a cocktail that included bourbon, sherry, orange, cranberry and mint. 

The Belmont Jewel, however, is more simple and made with fresh ingrediants: Woodford Reserve bourbon, lemonade and pomegranate.

The Belmont Stakes' official drink has changed three times. Until 1997, the White Carination was the official drink. It was replaced by the Belmont Breeze in 1998, which was overtaken by the Belmont Jewel.

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