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Watch: Inside look at how the Screaming Eagles app allows you to call plays during games

Watch a preview of how the Screaming Eagles play-calling app will work before their first game next week.

Ever found yourself yelling play suggestions at your TV while watching a game, only to be left frustrated when the coach inevitably doesn't follow them?

The Salt Lake Screaming Eagles feel your pain, which is why they have designed an app that will allow you to call the plays in real time during their games. 

Their first game will take place at the Maverik Center on Feb. 16 against the Nebraska Danger, but if you want a preview of how the software will work before the players take the field, watch the video above.

The Screaming Eagles are the first professional football team run entirely by their fans, who have already chosen the team's location, name, mascot and more. The debut game of their venture will be streamed live on

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