Watch: The first pro football team where fans called the plays. Here's what happened.

Fans called the plays for the IFL's Salt Lake Screaming Eagles -- the first fan-run pro football team -- but they lost their season opener to the Nebraska Danger 78-47.
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The Indoor Football League's Salt Lake Screaming Eagles made history Thursday night. The Screaming Eagles are the first professional football team to give fans control over every major franchise decision -- including calling offensive plays live through their app.

And you, the fan, helped play a role. Fans called all the offensive plays in real time via the Screaming Eagles app (Download here on Android or iOS), but Salt Lake lost its season opener to the Nebraska Danger 78-47. 

Salt Lake's next game is at Colorado on Feb. 26. Your next chance to be a co-offensive coordinator is March 13, when Salt Lake returns home to face Spokane.

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Fans following the game with the app will see the down and distance marked on an image of the field, and will be able to select from various play options. The play that receives the most votes will be implemented by coach William McCarthy.