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Check out Samsung’s Olympics-themed Galaxy S7 Edge

Only about 2,000 models of the specialty phone will be sold.

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Since 1997, Samsung has been sponsoring the Olympics by supplying cellphones as well as a communication services called WOW (Wireless Olympics Works). This year, Samsung released a special edition Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Edition in Brazil, the United States, China, Germany and Korea.

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Only 2,016 phones will be sold in Best Buys stores in those selected countries. The only real difference between these and the regular Samsung S7 Edge phone is the appearance. The sides are black and glossy and there are customized pieces that are the colors of each Olympic Ring—the home button and earpiece are yellow, the power button is red, the volume controls are green, and the bezel around the camera is blue. The Olympic logo will be featured on the back.

Buyers will receive a travel case (which includes headphones, a SIM card tool and charger) and specialized Olympics wallpaper and apps that are already downloaded into the phone. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Edition can be purchased for $849.99, only about $100 more than the standard S7 Edge.


Unfortunately there aren’t any internal upgrades in the phones, which have the same hardware as the 32GB standard S7 Edge. Just like their previous Batman edition, this phone is notable mostly  for its new look. It’ll give those who are able to buy it the chance to say that they own the same phone that each of the 12,500 (or more) 2016 Olympic athletes received.

If these phones sell out and prove to be a successful idea, it could spark ideas with other electronics companies to release special edition products for their Olympics-loving customers to collect.