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New Athletigen app use athlete's genetic makeup to determine fitness schedule

A new app from sports genetics company Athletigen Technologies uses and athlete's traits and monitors data daily to help athletes achieve their performance goals.

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There is now an app that can track elite athlete’s moods, sleep patterns, training regiment and more. This isn’t something out of a science fiction movie set in the future. The app, known as Iris, was released Monday and uses athlete’s genetic profiles to make recommendations to improve overall performance.

The app suite created by Athletigen Technologies, a sports genetics company, examines athlete’s genetic traits and monitors data daily to help athletes achieve their performance goals.

Dr. Jeremy Koenig, the founder and CEO of Athletigen said in a statement about the app that genetics are “an important piece of the human performance puzzle.”

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“We built Iris to empower athletes to understand how their performance training can be augmented through an understanding of their genetic foundation especially when considered in combination with variables that coaches have considered for more than half a century,” he said.

Iris is intended for athletes at the highest levels to be able understand their individual training needs. It features a “MyDNA” section that can tell athletes how their unique genetic traits affect sport psychology and nutrition. There is also a wellness survey where athletes can insert their training load, the quality and length of sleep as well as their energy, hunger, and motivation levels.

This app could potentially help athletes to track trends around when they get injured. For example, if an athlete continuously gets hurt after a certain training regimen coupled with lack of sleep, his or her training team could look at the app and see that sleep and a particular exercise are the common denominators.

On the coaching side, the app helps a coach identify things that need to be adjusted in their athletes training. It also provides insight into specific metrics.

Right now, the app is available for select organizations. We have reached a point where athletes can identify and tweak their training methods to improve their outcomes. In order to make this type of technology sustainable, Athletigen is expected to release Iris to the general public next year.