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PuttView aims to improve putting through augmented reality application

PuttView aims to improve putting through augmented reality application.

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Hamburg, Germany-based company Viewlicity GmbH is forever altering how golfers visualize putting and improve their stroke on the practice greens.

Through its Outdoor PuttView system, which is still currently being piloted, players will be able to wear augmented reality glasses on the golf course in order to see their ideal putting line. When it is formally introduced, it will be one of the first, if not the first, applications of augmented reality in golf.

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“Augmented reality solutions are particularly interesting in sectors in which perception and cognitive processing is supported by visualization and where people have to have their hands free for other tasks,” said Frank Steinicke, Professor for Human-Computer-Interaction at the University of Hamburg and a close collaborator on PuttView.

At last month’s first Augmented World Expo Europe in Berlin — where PuttView won the Auggie Award for “Best in Show” — Viewlicity GmbH demonstrated its two technology solutions for golfers, one being the Microsoft’s HoloLens headset and the other an indoor projection-based golf assistant.

For the latter, players can see the ideal putting line as their coach configures PuttView through a tablet application, giving them a real-time clear visualization for their shots via a projector.

“Anyone without any golf experience can become a good putter using PuttView. You just have to follow the super, intuitive user interface and play,” said Orin Inbar, Founder and CEO of Augmented Reality.Org to the Hamburg News.

PuttView Indoor has been available since early May and was first installed at Golf Lounge in Hamburg and Leadbetter Academy in Velbert Golf Club, two of PuttView’s exclusive pilot programs for the projection-based assistant. According to a recent release, the pilot customer program will be completed soon while additional systems will be installed over the coming months.