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ESPN’s Sergio Dipp is the Internet's New Favorite Reporter

ESPN's Sergio Dipp had himself quite a debut during the Chargers-Broncos.

If you spent any time on Twitter on Monday night, you are probably familiar with Sergio Dipp, but for the uninitiated, Dipp is an ESPN broadcaster who worked the sideline during Monday Night Football's Chargers-Broncos game.

Dipp has worked with ESPN Deportes for a number of years and—noteably in what is likely his second language—became an internet star for this spectacular 30-second clip on new Broncos coach Vance Joseph.

Despite being a bit nervous during his debut, Dipp seems to be taking this all in stride and is enjoying his newfound internet fame.

While there has been a good amount of trolling—when isn't there really?—much of the feedback has been positive, as many fans are clamoring for more Dipp.

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Long live the Dipp.