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Terry Bradshaw Says Donald Trump Doesn't Understand What Freedom Means

Terry Bradshaw says Donald Trump should stick to North Korea and healthcare.

Terry Bradshaw came out firing against Donald Trump on FOX NFL Sunday.

At the opening of the pregame show, Bradshaw said he didn't condone the anthem protests, but explained forceful that players have the freedom to exercise their rights.

"This is America. If our country stands for anything, folks, it's freedom. People died for that freedom. I'm not sure if our President understands those rights. That every American has the right to speak out also to protest. Believe me, these athletes do love our this great country of ours. Personally, I think our President should concentrate on North Korea and healthcare rather than ripping into athletes and the NFL."

Howie Long followed up Bradshaw's words by saying, "Kneeling or sitting for the anthem is not something I would choose to do, but I fully support the right to do it. That being said, what keeps getting lost in the form of the protest is the message of inequality. Put in a perspective, as a white father having raised three boys, there were a million things to worry about on a daily basis, but it's impossible for me truly understand the challenges an African-American father faces at every turn while raising his children. But in a league that is comprised of 70 percent African-American players, if you're a white player in an NFL locker room, that puts you in a unique position to try and better understand those struggles and subsequently as we've seen, show your support for your teammates in your own way. Understanding starts with a dialogue and the most important part of dialogue is to listen."