Marlins offer Uggla four-year deal

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The Marlins are offering Dan Uggla a four-year deal in hopes of locking up the only second baseman ever to have four 30-homer seasons, but Uggla is seeing a five-year contract as the sides continue talks.

There is said to be some movement' in talks, but with only a year to go before free agency, Uggla has been steadfast in his request for a five-year contract. The Marlins' offer is believed to include a small raise from the $7.8 million he made in 2010 to $8 million in 2011 but it isn't known what the total package is worth.

The Marlins' finances will change as they are preparing to move into a new ballpark in 2012, and they have been encouraged by MLB to spend more money on players in light of the fact they make millions on revenue sharing and consistently have one of baseball's very-lowest payrolls. They did sign star pitcher Josh Johnson to a four-year deal but have to this point been very judicious about handing out multiyear deals. Uggla had 33 home runs and 105 RBIs, and he hit .287 last year, the fourth straight season in which he topped 30 home runs.