Watch: David Ortiz's mid-game World Series speech that fired up Red Sox

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The three-run homer hit by Boston's Jonny Gomes off Cardinals reliever Seth Maness in Game 4 represented the turning point of the 2013 World Series. Before Gomes hit it, St. Louis was ahead two-games-to-one, and tied 1-1 through five innings at home in Game 4. After his blast, the Red Sox never trailed, outscoring the Cardinals 9-3 over the final 22 innings of the series.

One inning prior to Gomes' homer, teammate David Ortiz delivered a mid-game pep talk in the dugout. While not quite as rousing as his April 20 speech before the team's first home game following the Boston Marathon bombing, it did make for a unique scene that was captured by the cameras. "We don't get here every day. Let's relax and play the game we know how," he began.

The moment was included in the Official 2013 World Series Film, which is narrated by Ben Affleck and is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray. A clip of the speech and the ensuing home run, courtesy of MLB Productions, is above. has a handful of other excerpts from the film, which you can see here, including the official trailer:

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