By Tom Verducci
December 06, 2013
After nine years in the Bronx, Robinson Cano reportedly agreed to a 10-year, $240 million deal with Seattle.
Chuck Solomon/SI

There was a time, after the 1998 season, when another homegrown star, Bernie Williams, was ready to leave the Yankees for the Red Sox and a $90 million deal. At the last moment, the late owner George Steinbrenner swooped in and improved their offer to Williams from $60.5 million to $87.5 million, and Williams stayed. He wasn't about to leave the only organization he knew for $2.5 million. This time the Yankees didn't respond to the market for Cano. They made the decision that they would hold to their budget and the value they assigned to him. They can argue it was the prudent thing to do. But they are left without a homegrown superstar player, one of the best and most reliable players in baseball. Cano is a Mariner because they attached more value to his worth.

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