By Gabriel Baumgaertner
April 25, 2014
Despite missing all of the past two seasons, Grady Sizemore still plays the game as hard as ever.
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

He took even less time to show flashes on his old self at the plate. On Opening Day in Baltimore on March 31, he stepped in for his first major league at-bat in more than two years and promptly singled to rightfield. Sizemore came to the plate again in the fourth and hit a fly ball to deep right. He sprinted out of the box, going as fast as his rebuilt knees would take him, when the ball bounced back onto the field. Only when the umpires signaled that it was a home run did Sizemore break into a jog. He finished his circle around the bases with no smile and no limp, just taking one step at a time until he was back where he'd started.

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