MLB sends warning letters on pace of play

MLB sends warning letters on pace of play
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Major League Baseball has started sending written warnings to players who violate new pace of game rules, reports the Associated Press.


MLB says approximately 10 letters have been sent to players since the season started on Sunday.

The new pace of play rules mandates that hitters keep at least one foot in the batter's box during at-bats with various exceptions, such as after foul balls. The batter has until five seconds remain on the clock to enter the batter’s box.

A pitcher is expected to begin throwing to the plate as soon as the batter enters the box and becomes alert to the pitcher. Any batter that doesn't enter the box with five seconds left and any pitcher that doesn't throw a pitch with no time remaining is in violation of the rule.

Pitchers are also required to start innings before 30 seconds remain on the countdown clock.

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Fines up to $500 per offense will be handed out to players beginning May 1 for those who do not adhere to the new rules.

Last year’s games took an average of three hours and two minutes to complete. Though the first 35 games this season, a nine-inning game is taking 2 hours and 51 minutes to complete.

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