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Strike Zone podcast: Why are Cespedes, Upton still unemployed?

On this week's edition of The Strike Zone podcast, Cliff Corcoran joins the show to talk about the perplexing unemployment of Yoenis Cespedes, Justin Upton, Chris Davis and more.

We're just one month away from the start of spring training, and most of baseball's top free agents have found new homes or returned to familiar folds. But as teams get ready to decamp for Florida and Arizona, there are still some notable names remaining on the hot stove market—namely some of the game's best hitters.

On this week's edition of The Strike Zone podcast, baseball writer Cliff Corcoran joins Ted Keith and Stephen Cannella to talk about the persistent and perplexing unemployment of some talented sluggers—including Yoenis Cespedes, Justin Upton, Chris Davis and Ian Desmond—and why free agency hasn't been so kind to the position players on the market. Along the way, the trio debates the true value of Cespedes and what kind of contract he can now reasonably expect, tries to unravel the mystery of Upton's slow-to-develop market and brainstorms landing spots for those players still hanging around in free agency.

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