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Rockies to raise outfield walls at Coors Field

The Rockies will raise two walls in the outfield ahead of the 2016 season.
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The Colorado Rockies will raise their outfield fences in two locations at Coors Field for the 2016 season, the team announced.

“Armed with 23 years of statistics to evaluate, we are in a position to make this change, in a measured and educated way,” senior vice president Jeff Bridich said in a statement. “We are continually evaluating every aspect of our game, on and off the field, and this fence adjustment comes from that evaluation. Every change we make to our process, our field of play or our team, is with the goal to be more competitive as a result.”

The fence from the center-field end near the visitor’s bullpen, leading across the Rockies’ bullpen and ending by the out-of-town scoreboard will be raised eight feet. The fence in left field by the foul pole to a pavilion seating area will be raised five feet.

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Both fences will be see-through, rubber-coted and chain link, and will be installed in March.

Coors Field is primarily considered a hitter’s park, as it topped the list of ballparks for runs and hits from 2005–09, combined. The stadium is also located 5,200 feet above sea level which allows a hit ball to travel farther and faster due to the low air density.

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A MLB record 303 home runs were hit at Coors Field in 1999.

Coors Field’s dimensions:

Left-field line: 347 feet

Left-center: 390 feet

Center field: 415 feet

Right-center: 375 feet

Right-field line: 350 feet