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Winter Report Cards: Final grades for all 30 teams

One last look at the off-season moves of every club.

With spring training camps up and running, the hot stove season is officially at its end, even if there are a few stray free agents who have yet to find homes, such as catcher Matt Wieters, slugger Pedro Alvarez and pitchers Joe Blanton and Doug Fister. That means it's time to review our Winter Report Cards and adjust (if needed) the grades to account for any subsequent moves or second thoughts about our initial reactions.

Our preliminary grades were based upon each writer's judgment as to whether the team in question improved for 2017 and in the long run. If you're scoring at home, it's worth noting that using the traditional grade point scale (A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, with plusses adding a third and minuses subtracting a third), the NL originally centered at 2.67 (B-) and inched slightly upward to 2.76 in our final roundup; the AL came in at 2.57 and slid down slightly to 2.52. Some of the changes are attributable to teams completing (or not) their unfinished business in the interim, and some is simply due to having a second set of eyes critiquing the moves.

Teams are presented below in alphabetical order; the original report cards for each team are linked with the date of its publication.