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Twitter roasts Bryce Harper for terrible helmet throw before bench–clearing brawl

Harper threw his helmet, and the brawl began. 

There was a lot happening in the seconds before benches cleared during Monday's game between the Nationals and Giants. Hunter Strickland nailed Bryce Harper with a pitch, and Harper pointed at Strickland with his bat before walking menacingly toward the pitcher. Harper threw his bat aside and started springing to the mound, where he and Strickland started exchanging punches as the benches emptied and Buster Posey just kinda stood there watching like the rest of us. 

Something else happens, too: As Harper starts running toward Strickland, he rips off his helmet and winds up, apparently planning to fire it at the pitcher. Harper is a professional baseball player whose job depends on his ability to throw objects accurately, but this throw was—well, just watch it for yourself. 

The keyboard warriors over at Twitter dot com, unfazed by Harper throwing haymakers over a three–year beef with a relief pitcher, had some fun at the outfielder's expense. 

At least Harper can hit. 

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