Alex Rodriguez wants tickets for the first Tuesday of every month to cost only $10.

By Chris Chavez
July 12, 2017

Former New York Yankees third baseman and current FOX analyst Alex Rodriguez shared a four-point plan on how to save baseball in a guest column for the New York Post.

"We have to look for creative ways to attract more fans in Generation Z, a group who will never know what the world was like without their cell phones at their fingertips," Rodriguez writes. "Our ability to connect with this generation will determine if baseball can continue to be America’s favorite pastime."

Rodriguez wants the league and its broadcasters to implement live footage of what's going on at all times within the ballpark. He wants MLB and Google to come together on sharing background information and social media posts from players. On every month's first Tuesday, Rodriguez calls on the owners to charge just $10 per ticket.

Rodriguez's final point is to implement microphones on every player, coach and manager during games. This certainly would appear to be the toughest one to get everyone on-board.

It didn't count, but the All-Star Game was a competitive, impressive affair

"We should also let fans hear and see players, managers and coaches during the game," Rodriguez writes. "Imagine listening in on the conversation between Derek Jeter and me before the last three outs at the 2009 World Series. Now that’s great content for any fan."

Rodriguez came close to his final idea during Tuesday night's All-Star Game as he walked around the infield interviewing players before an innning and other players were mic'ed up in the outfield to chat with the broadcast crew. MLB is innovating and Rodriguez is ready to pitch ideas.

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