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The Mariners Put a Tree in the Leftfield Seats Because James Paxton Is Pitching

Who knew James Paxton had a tree-themed nickname?

Mariners pitcher James Paxton is 6'4" and from Canada. In the creatively challenged world of Major League Baseball, this led to a logical nickname: Big Maple.

Somewhere along the line, some M’s fans got the idea to give Big Maple his own Felix Hernandez-style cheering section in the leftfield cheap seats. They had a big “Maple Grove” banner and custom “eh” signs.

Unlike Hernandez’s “King’s Court,” the Maple Grove is entirely the idea of some superfans. The Mariners did, however, lend a little support in the form of an actual maple tree for Monday night’s game against the Red Sox. 

This is the part where, as a Yankee fan, I’m required to mention that the tree is located approximately where Aaron Judge hit a home run on Friday night