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Scott Boras Calls For MLB To Prevent Wet Bases After Bryce Harper Injury

Scott Boras wants to prevent any further injuries on the base paths for players like his client Bryce Harper.

Agent Scott Boras wants Major League Baseball to be more careful and prevent wet bases from being used in games after periods of inclement weather, according to ESPN's Jerry Crasnick.

His comments come just one day after his client and Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper was injured in the first inning of Saturday night's game against the Washington Nationals when he stumbled over first base. Harper did not tear any ligaments or tendons but suffered a bone bruise that will keep him out of the lineup for an indefinite amount of time.

"We go to great lengths with the soil to make sure it's not wet and there are drying agents on the ground,'' Boras said. "I don't know what technology we apply or the studies that have been done on the composition of having a wet base. That's certainly something we need to look into. This injury was directly related to inclement weather and a player putting his cleat on the bag and it slipping across because the surface was slick."

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Boras noted that the NBA wipes the floor after perspiration is left behind after a player hits the ground to prevent injuries. MLB does not have someone wiping a bag down to ensure that it is dry and he believes the league does not "take measures like that for player safety that could easily be accomplished by the grounds crew and the umpires' observations."

Boras also suggested that the league experiment with different bases for wet conditions. Any changes would have to go through the Safety and Health Advisory Committee. 

Harper is hitting .326 on the season with 29 home runs and 87 RBIs.