Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images
August 15, 2017

It figures that the best player on the planet would rate as the best of his height, right? A torn ligament in his left thumb that cost him six weeks is likely to prevent the just-turned-26-year-old Trout from leading the AL in WAR for the sixth straight season, but his offensive rate stats (.341/.468/.690, 211 OPS+) are career bests. In fact, he'd be leading the league in OBP and slugging if he weren't 40 plate appearances short of qualifying. Trout is already blazing a trail toward Cooperstown. His 53.6 WAR over five full seasons and two partial ones exceeds the seven-year WAR peak score of the average Hall of Fame centerfielder (44.6) and has been surpassed by just five of the 19 enshrinees.

Total players: 289

Honorable mention: Nolan Arenado, Andrelton Simmons, Joey Votto

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