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The 30: The Dodgers Hold the Top Spot While Marlins, Brewers Continue Unlikely Playoff Pushes

Nobody will replace the Dodgers as the top regular-season team this season, but the unlikely Marlins and Brewers are making surprising runs for playoff spots.

Everyone is playing for something, even this late in the season.

In the NL Central, three teams are playing for the division crown. In the wild-card race, slowdowns by the Rockies and Diamondbacks could open the door for upstart contenders. Meanwhile, the Dodgers are merely playing for the title of best team of all time.

But there’s still plenty at stake for non-contenders. The worst team in baseball employs a rookie who’s on a record home-run pace. And a team previously left for dead is suddenly threatening to crash the playoff race, led by another slugger taking aim at history.

This is the NL version of The 30.

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