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There Are Free Chicken Nuggets at the Phillies Game Tonight Because One Fan is Awesome

A promise is a promise, I guess. 

Last week, a Phillies fan Damon Miller Jr. tweeted what appeared to be a half-ass promise: he said if rookie slugger Rhys Hoskins hit a home run against the Marlins last Thursday, he'd buy everyone chicken nuggets. 

There are a few reasons to be skeptical of this promise. First, his verbiage is quite vague. Who does everyone refer to, exactly? Like, are we talking about everyone in Miller's office, or everyone in the stadium, or every Phillies fan? Also, when will he be buying these chicken nuggets? And how can one Damon Miller Jr. afford to buy "everyone" chicken nuggets?

All of these questions would be for naught if Hoskins didn't hit a home run. But guess what, he did! That technically put Miller on the hook to buy chicken nuggets for "everyone," but surely not many people actually expected Miller to buy the nuggets. 

Miller, however, is what you call a stand-up guy. He showed up to Citizens Bank Park tonight to hand out chicken nuggets to fans before the Phillies took on the Dodgers. 

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No word as to how many of these chicken nuggets were paid by Miller, but this is a pretty good look for both him and the Phillies organization.