Watch: Joe Maddon Pours Champagne on Himself to Celebrate Division Title

That's one way to celebrate your second straight division title.
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The Cubs have won the NL Central for the second straight season after a 5-1 win Wednesday.

Chicago spent all of last October getting a chance to celebrate as they went on to win the World Series, so you would think they would be great at it.

Well, manager Joe Maddon seems like he might need a refresher course on how to properly enjoy clinching a division title.

It's not that Maddon shouldn't pour champagne on himself when there is nobody else around to do it, it's that he has to have some sort of enthusiasm if he is going to pour a bottle on himself. If you're just going to walk through the motions, there's no point in doing it.

This looks about as lame as Kevin Durant spitting up beer after the Warriors won the championship in June.

Hopefully, next time Maddon gets to celebrate, he acts like he's been there before and puts some energy into it.