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And he followed his slightly crotchety complaints with some pretty weak comebacks on some Twitter folks.

By Jon Tayler
October 18, 2017

This postseason's games, when they haven't been interminable, have been fun. There's been a lot of drama, a lot of excitement, and a lot of expression courtesy players like Yasiel Puig, who are unencumbered by the game's stodgy old-school mentality with regards to things like celebrating big hits, or hits of any magnitude, or anything at all, really. They're enjoying themselves, and that's great.

Not everyone's on board with the exuberance, however. Case in point: Former MVP Andrew McCutchen, who took if not offense then at least expressed bemusement with regards to Cubs catcher Willson Contreras—who got some flak last October for flipping a bat—launching a bat skyward following a first-inning single in last night's NLCS game against the Dodgers.

Whether McCutchen is actually cranky about Contreras tossing his lumber or if he's just having some fun, who knows. Though when a fan ribbed him for the Pirates being on the outside looking in for this particular matchup, his rejoinder was ... well, it wasn't very clever.

Let's hope that Cutch was simply making a joke and that he's not part of the Old School Baseball Brigade, because those folks are powerfully lame. Oh, and also that he gets some new comeback material.

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