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Dallas Keuchel: 'Obviously, the Balls are Juiced'

Dallas Keuchel after World Series Game 2 Home Run Derby: "Obviously, the balls are juiced."

Last night's Game 2 of the World Series turned into a virtual home run derby, leading to speculation that has run rampant all season: that the baseballs are somehow juiced.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros combined for eight home runs in Houston's 7–6 11th inning triumph which tied the best–of–seven series at one game apiece.

The Astros themselves hit three homers in extra innings.

“Obviously, the balls are juiced," said Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel, via USA Today. “I think they’re juiced 100%. But it is what it is. I’m just glad we came out on top."

Keuchel, who lost Game One of the Sseries, says average guys are now hitting the ball out for park.

"There are really powerful guys in this league," Keuchel said, “and they’re going to get theirs. But where you can tell a difference is the mid-range guy who’s hitting 20-plus home runs now.

“That doesn’t happen. That’s not supposed to happen."

This season, there were 6,105 homers, breaking the all-time record. Houston hit 238 of those, only second to the New York Yankees and Los Angeles hit 221 homers.

"That’s what Major League Baseball wants," Keuchel said. “They want that exciting two home-run lead, and then they (the Dodgers) come back and hit another home run, and everybody’s still watching. That’s what they want. That’s what they’re getting."