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Bettor Wins $8 Million Bet on Dodgers to Win Game 6, Has Netted $14 Million on World Series

A bettor in Vegas apparently placed $8 million on the Dodgers to win Game 6 of the World Series. 

Sports betting is becoming more mainstream; your friends, people you work with, everyone's betting nowadays. 

Not everyone is betting like this high roller in Las Vegas. 

According to RJ Bell, who is an odds provider for the Associated Press, a big-time bettor in Vegas has bet on the winning team in each of the five games of the World Series. He has bet (reinvested) his winnings on the next game each time, which has netted him a cool $8 million so far. Any normal person would set aside at least a few million at that point.

But that's just not the name of the gambling game. The man, who is reportedly under 30 years old and Eastern European, is letting it all ride. He bet a total of $8 million on the Dodgers to win Game 6, and stood to win more than $6 million if the Dodgers pulled out the win (L.A. closed at around -126). 

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You know you're a baller when you single-handedly flip the Vegas lines JUST BY WALKING IN THE BUILDING. Before Sir Let it Ride bet on the Dodgers, Houston was a -107 favorite and the Dodgers were listed at +100 at the South Point Hotel Casino. He then walked into the casino and, if the tweet below is to believed, officials as South Point scrambled to change the line all the way to -150, ostensibly so they'd be on the hook for less money if he won again. The big spender then made the maximum bet of $250,000 and what do you know? The odds trended back to where they were before. 

In the early stages of the game, it looked like Sir Let it Ride might be $8 million poorer after the night, as George Springer hit a homer in the third inning to give the Astros a 1-0 lead while Justin Verlander looked unhittable on the mound. The Dodgers managed to touch up Verlander for two runs in the bottom of the sixth, and the Dodgers' bullpen bounced back from shaky performances in Houston with four shutout innings to force a Game 7.

This guy is now six for six in the World Series and has netted more than $14 million in the process. The question is: does he let it all ride tomorrow, or cash out $14 million, or put $1 million on the game and buy tickets right behind home plate and pocket something like $12.9 million?

Surprisingly, this guy apparently isn't a regular at the Vegas sports books. Bell tweeted that the only betting history he has on the Strip is a few huge bets on UFC. How'd he do in those? You already know the answer...

If you don't have a rooting interest in this series, trail Sir Let it Ride. He's been right six times in a row so he'll definitely, positively, 100 percent be right again. That's how gambling works, right?