Sports Illustrated Selling Limited Edition Reprint of Prophetic 2014 Astros Issue

This limited edition cover is the perfect gift for any Astros fan.
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We make a lot of predictions here at SI. A lot of them aren’t good—Lakers fans definitely remember one in particular—but this time, with the Astros, we were spot on. 

Back in 2014, SI ran a cover crowning the Houston Astros the 2017 World Series champions. Let’s ignore the cover we had in 2016 saying, wait, actually this is the year Houston wins. Let’s also ignore the 2017 MLB preview issue, in which we predicted 91 wins for the Astros this year a first-round exit to the Red Sox. Forget all that. 

It's 2017 and the Astros are fresh off their first World Series title in franchise history, making Ben Reiter's 2014 cover story very prophetic. The Astros' run to the World Series title has created quite a market for copies of that 2014 cover. Here’s one, in less than perfect condition, selling for $2,000 on eBay—without a frame!

Well, good news: SI is selling a limited edition version of the issue, reprinting it and giving Astros fans another chance to buy the perfect commemoration of the team's World Series title.Click here to visit SI's backissues store, where you can purchase the issue.


Buy our June 30, 2014 cover here.

Why waste hundreds dealing with shady eBay sellers when you can get the perfect holiday gift right here at SI?